Parent Referral Service Evaluation 

Thank you for contacting the St. Lawrence Child Care Council and using our child care referral services. To help us improve our services, please take a moment to fill out the following survey. You can mail or drop it off at the SLCCC, 314 Ford Street, Ogdensburg, NY 13669 or email it to 

Thank you for your time and comments




1. Have you found care for your child(ren)?
2. Did you have any problems in your childcare search?
YES (If yes, check all that apply)
3. What kind of childcare program did you choose?
4. Please rate the quality of the provider you chose:
5. Please rate the quality of the child care provider options you were given:
6. When looking for child care, which of these was most important to you?
7. If you selected a licensed or registered provider:
Are they charging you by the:
Did you sign a child care contract?
If so, did you get a copy of the contract?
8. Please rate the service you received from our Referral Specialist:
10. Did your contact with our office increase your knowledge or understanding of quality indicators in child care?
11. If you used our website, was it user-friendly?
12. Did you read the additional information enclosed in the referral packet you received?
13. If so, did you find the information useful?
14. If you needed to make new child care arrangements would you use our services again?
15. Have you told friends, relatives or co-workers about our services?
16. Should employers provide information to their employees about child care?
17. Who should we contact at your place of employment regarding information about child care for other employees?
Upon receipt of your completed survey your name will be entered into our monthly parent referral drawing. Drawings will be held on the 1st Monday of each month. If your name is drawn, we will notify you by email (if provided) or by telephone.
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