Additional Options

The following additional options to help reduce a families child care costs may be available in the form of:  

Sliding Fee Scale
Most child care centers base their rates on a sliding scale fee. With a sliding scale fee each family’s child care costs differ based on their income and family size. Lower income earners will pay a lower rate for child care.  

Multi-Child Discounts
Some programs offer fee discounts to parents with more than one child in their program. The discount will vary with each program, but generally programs offering a multi child discount will charge full rate for one child and a reduced rate for that child’s siblings.  

Negotiable Fees
Program is willing to negotiate fees on an individual basis.  

College Scholarships
College students should contact their schools financial aid office to find out if money is available to help with the cost of child care.  

Scholarships: Some programs provide scholarships for eligible families with children enrolled in the program. With scholarship awards, families can receive child care at a reduced rate or no cost.  

Parents are encouraged to inquire about these and/or other options their child care provider may offer.  Not all child care providers offer these opportunities.    

Other Opportunities for Financial Assistance 
Additional health and human services programs are available such as food stamps, temporary assistance, HEAP, and WIC. Visit to learn more about programs available, to pre-screen for programs, to see what you may be eligible for and to apply on-line for the Food Stamp Program.    

If you have questions contact the St. Lawrence Child Care Council by phone at (315) 393-6474 or email Bruce Stewart.